Gluten free pancakes with only two ingredients

EN: I try to choose simple meals as often as I can. I don't have time for fancy ingredients or complex dishes. But, of course, this is only my choice. Today, I mixed in my blender some gluten free oats (from Bauckhof, a German brand) and some almond milk (from Verde Fresh) and these great... Continue Reading →

Uleiul de Copaiba in Endometrioza

Acum 3 ani, am descoperit un studiu pe despre un anume “ulei de copaiba”. Acesta cred ca a fost primul meu contact cu uleiurile esentiale si am inceput sa sharuiesc informatia pe toate grupurile de Endometrioza pe care eram. (dar pe care acum nu mai sunt, atentie) Uleiurile esentiale sunt inca controversate in privinta... Continue Reading →

Apple Banana Nuts Snack

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we start to feel this atmosphere even in the food we are choosing for. As delicious and healthy do not have to be opposite, here is a quick and tasty snack you can try in the mornings or, even better, thorough the day when you want... Continue Reading →

EN/RO: The age at menarche does not correlate with the endometriosis phenotype (Study)

En: A study made by French and Italian doctors revealed that, at least in this particular study with 789 patients, the age at menarche does not correlate with the endometriosis phenotype. Details, here: P.S: There is another discussion with teenagers and endometriosis that I will later develop in a piece of writing. As an... Continue Reading →

Three important studies about IVF – American Society of Reproductive Medicine

EN: Historic studies reaffirm the accuracy of embryo genetic testing; show women with three euploid embryos have a 95% chance of pregnancy; and reveal IVF babies have equaled their naturally-conceived counterparts in birth weights for the first time Here is a complex material about the research discussed at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)... Continue Reading →

One of my morning juices

EN: Because sometimes "less is more": this morning "coffee" looks like this: juice from 3 big carrots 🥕, 1 big green apple 🍏 3-4 cm ginger. It is delicious, nutritious and a very good anti-inflammatory drink. And, as I mentioned coffee, the ginger will give you energy for the whole day. 🙂 🍹 P.S1: I... Continue Reading →

The importance of Artemisin in endometriosis and in decreasing estrogen – some studies related

Here's a study about Artemisin (sweet warmwood), a plant used in the past to treat malaria, also involved in a lot of studies about cancer. The below study is about it, decreasing estrogen and helping in breast cancer. As endometriosis also has a very important "estrogen" dependent compound, I really think this plant my also... Continue Reading →

RO/EN: Endometrioza extra pelvina – care sunt cele mai frecvente localizari

RO: Deseori, leziunile endometriozice apar si in afara zonei pelvine. Specialistii din Grecia si Statele Unite ale Americii au demarat un studiu amplu, menit sa ofere mai multe explicatii si raspunsuri cu privire la caracteristicile si locatia endometriozei extra pelvine. Analiza retrospectiva a cuprins 200 de paciente cu endometrioza extra pelvina, din doua regiuni distincte,... Continue Reading →

RO/EN: Clatite Americane Fara Gluten

RO:Clatite Americane Fara Gluten Ingrediente: 1/2 cana faina de ovaz (eu am avut fulgi pe care i-am dat mai intai prin blender) 2 oua 1 banana un pic de lapte de cocos (in functie de consistenta, se adauga la final) esenta de  vanilie, rom sau ce aveti prin casa miere optional (eu nu am pus)... Continue Reading →

RO/EN: Noi studii privind cauzele durerii in endometrioza deschid calea catre posibile tratamente non hormonale

Specialistii de la Universitatile Edinburgh si si Warwick, ambele din Marea Britanie, au dat publicitatii concluziile unui studiu recent realizat pentru a determina cauza durerii in endometrioza. Oamenii de stiinta au descoperit ca un anumit tip de celule albe ar putea fi cauza durerii pelvine la pacientele cu endometrioza. Studiul ar putea duce la noi... Continue Reading →

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