Check in Timisoara: 5 povestiri-poze extrase din cartea mea, aparuta la Editura Libris Editorial

Va las aici 5 dintre textele cartii mele "Check in: Timisoara", aparuta la Editura Libris Editorial. Daca va plac si doriti sa cititi mai mult, puteti comanda cartea aici 》》 Check in: Timisoara (Romanian-English Version) este o colectie de poze-povestiri scurte inspirate de Timisoara, o colectie bilingva, de texte scrise in limba romana si in... Continue Reading →

Copaiba Oil in Endometriosis

Three years ago, I discovered a study on about a so called “copaiba oil”. (1) - (See the Resources section for the links and studies) That was the first time when I heard about it and about essential oils and I started to share the information on every Endometriosis group I was. Essential oils... Continue Reading →

Cum puteti comanda “Check in: Timisoara” si “Cel mai frumos Ploiesti”

RO: "Check in: Timişoara" şi "Cel mai frumos Ploieşti" sunt online, dar şi în librării, aşa că vă las aici mai multe informaţii despre cum şi unde le găsiţi:✔️ "Check in: Timişoara" se găseşte online aici >>> , în librăria Libris din Braşov şi, în curând, şi în alte librării. Revin cu detalii. Dacă... Continue Reading →

Snow Angels

Today I read on Facebook a text I wrote in December 2012. Tough year. It’s true, an important one because in September 2012 my niece, Maria, was born, but still, for me, 2012 was a hard time. And, although written under that impressions and when I was still in Ploiesti, my native town, today, when... Continue Reading →

Apple Banana Nuts Snack

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we start to feel this atmosphere even in the food we are choosing for. As delicious and healthy do not have to be opposite, here is a quick and tasty snack you can try in the mornings or, even better, thorough the day when you want... Continue Reading →

EN/RO – Anti-inflammatory green juice

EN: Recently I switched on green juices, much better for me than other ones with a lot of vegetables and fruits.  The other day I tried a green juice with anti-inflammatory properties. Below you have two photos and the entire recipe. I would say not to add other ingredients, at least not in the first... Continue Reading →

EN/RO: The age at menarche does not correlate with the endometriosis phenotype (Study)

En: A study made by French and Italian doctors revealed that, at least in this particular study with 789 patients, the age at menarche does not correlate with the endometriosis phenotype. Details, here: P.S: There is another discussion with teenagers and endometriosis that I will later develop in a piece of writing. As an... Continue Reading →

Three important studies about IVF – American Society of Reproductive Medicine

EN: Historic studies reaffirm the accuracy of embryo genetic testing; show women with three euploid embryos have a 95% chance of pregnancy; and reveal IVF babies have equaled their naturally-conceived counterparts in birth weights for the first time Here is a complex material about the research discussed at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)... Continue Reading →

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