Endometrioza Vlog: Formele Endometriosis – Forms of Endometriosis Can Have

RO: Endometrioza nu inseamna numai chisturi ovariene sau infertilitatea. Endometrioza creste riscul de infertilitate, insa aceasta afectiune este mai mult de atat. In acest filmulet am trecut in revista formele endometriozei, de ce sunt atat de diferite pacientele cu endometrioza, care ar fi drumul de urmat al pacientelor cu endometrioza care isi doresc foarte tare un copil si cat de ingrijoratoare sunt chisturile endometriozice, cea mai cunoscuta forma a acestei afectiuni. P.S: Asa cum am spus la inceputul filmuletului, formele endometriozei nu sunt acelasi lucru cu stadiile endometriozei. Daca vreti sa aflati mai multe despre acestea, tot in resurse, mai jos, aveti un articol documentat in acest sens.

EN: Endometriosis is not only ovarian cysts or infertility. Endometriosis increases infertility risk, but this disease is much more than this. In this video I reviewed all the forms endometriosis can have, why are endo patients so different, what would be, in my opinion, the desired path of those patients who eagerly want a child and how scary endometriosic cysts should be.

P.S: Forms of endometriosis are not the same as endometriosis stages. If you want to learn more about these stages, I wrote below a researched link for it (it is also in English).

Resurse/Resources: Stadiile endometriozei/Endometriosis Stages: https://marinatalks.com/2019/05/09/cele-4-stadii-ale-endometriozei-de-ce-aproape-nimeni-nu-vorbeste-si-despre-nodulii-endometriozici/

Nodulii endometriozici/Endometriotic Nodules https://www.hindawi.com/journals/isrn/2014/853902/ https://endometriosis.org/resources/articles/bowel-symptoms/

Aderente endometriozice/Endometriosis Adhesions https://endometriosis.org/endometriosis/adhesions/

Endometrioza pe nerv/ Nerve Endometriosis https://www.endometriosisaustralia.org/post/2017/04/24/endometriosis-in-and-around-the-nerves-what-can-be-done http://centerforendo.com/can-endometriosis-affect-the-sciatic-region

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