RO/EN: Un Vlog despre Endometrioza – Este telina buna in endometrioza?

RO/EN: Telina si endometrioza/Celery and endometriosis

RO: Multe paciente cu endometrioza se intreaba daca telina (Apio) si sucul de telina sunt recomandat in aceasta afectiune. Am raspuns in videoclipul de pe YouTube, avand la baza in principal experienta mea, dar si ceea ce am citit, articole pe care le gasiti mai jos. Am lasat si cateva Later Edits pentru a fi totul cat mai clar.

EN: Many endometriosis patients ask themselves if celery (Apio) and the celery juice are recommended or not in our disease. I have answered this question based mainly on my experience, but also on what I have read, articles mentioned here too, in the Resources section. I have also wrote down some Later Edits of the video.

Later Edits:
(1) Episodul de acum 6 luni, de care amintesc in video si acele simptome nu au fost singurele.
(2) Nu toate alimentele fitoestrogenice ne fac rau. Ele nu sunt la acelasi nivel atunci cand vorbim despre ce simptome ne pot da.
(3) Despre fitoestrogeni sunt atat studii pro, cat si studii contra, de aceea cred ca in cazul lor cea mai importanta este propria experienta sau experienta altora, din care putem invata si noi cate ceva.

Later Edits:
(1): The episode from 6 months ago, mentioned in the video, and the symptoms I described there were not the only ones.
(2) Not all phytoestrogens food are harmful. They are not at the same level when we talk about the way they can affect us.
(3) About phytoestrogens are pro and cons studies, that’s why I believe in their case the most important is our experience or other patients experience from where we can benefit too.

Resources: Here, a study on phytoestrogens and the level of hormones/estrogen, but the main ingredients are phytoestrogens from soy:

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