Gluten free pancakes with only two ingredients

EN: I try to choose simple meals as often as I can. I don’t have time for fancy ingredients or complex dishes. But, of course, this is only my choice. Today, I mixed in my blender some gluten free oats (from Bauckhof, a German brand) and some almond milk (from Verde Fresh) and these great pancakes came out. I cooked them in the skillet, they did not stick, but after the first pancake, before adding the batter for the other one, I added a little more milk in the blender and mixed for 10 seconds because, otherwise, the batter tends to thicken. The consistency has to be a little bit thicker than the “normal” pancakes batter. I ate one of them with zacusca, a Romanian traditional food, and the other one with honey. It was delicious! I hope it will inspire you too to invent simple, healthy and tasty food. (and no, I do not always eat like that, but I try to as I am aware of the fact diet is very important for all of us. Even if I go to the gym (I already have two weeks, OMG!! 🙂 and it really helps, I strongly believe healthy diet (according to our illnesses, goals, allergies or food intolerances) is still the most important adjustment we can make.

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