Copaiba Oil in Endometriosis

Three years ago, I discovered a study on about a so called “copaiba oil”. (1) – (See the Resources section for the links and studies) That was the first time when I heard about it and about essential oils and I started to share the information on every Endometriosis group I was.

Essential oils are still controversial in terms of their estrogenic effect (an important issue in endometriosis, but also in hormonal dependent cancers).

That’s why, in this respect, I decided to stay safe and choose those oils that were implied in some studies on endometriosis or whose properties are directly efficient in this disease.

Here are 3 important studies (title + conclusion, you should study the rest of it, you have the link) on copaiba oil, followed by my experience with this, but do not forget all these should not substitute the medical consult and advice (I myself went through two surgeries so all these measures came after I did all my doctor adviced me to do in the context of my case – search for a good excision surgeon)

1). Development and pharmacological evaluation of in vitro nano carriers composed of lamellar silicates containing copaiba oil-resin for treatment of endometriosis. (3)

Conclusion: In vitro pharmacological studies showed a reduction in viability and proliferation of endometriotic cell cultures upon COPA nanocomposite treatment, suggesting that the system developed here can be a promising alternative therapy for the oral treatment of endometriosis.

2). The oil-resin of the tropical rainforest tree Copaifera langsdorffii reduces cell viability, changes cell morphology and induces cell death in human endometriotic stromal cultures.(4)

Conclusion: Our data indicate that NanoCOR has a greater impact on the behaviour of human endometriotic stromal cells than on the eutopic endometrium stromal cells, supporting the idea that NanoCOR should be further investigated as a novel and valuable alternative to treat endometriosis.

3). Changes in the volume and histology of endometriosis foci in rats treated with copaiba oil (Copaiferalangsdorffii). (1)

Conclusion:  Copaiba oil (Copaiferalangsdorffii) appears to be a promising alternative treatment for endometriosis.

My experience with copaiba oil:

  • I have been using it since 2016, but only from time to time, applied on skin, through massage, but also internally.
  • As long as I used it, I felt very well, with no recurrence (two endometriosis surgery, the last one with bowel resection in 2016), but in the meantime I did have a healthy lifestyle with diet and other supplements too). Almost always I used copaiba oil with coconut oil (optional), frankincense oil and helichrysum oil. I think I told you before that I consider “this trio” the best in endometriosis. You can read more on the resources section (5)
  • You can order copaiba oil (and not only this oil) from Young Living, the best brand in essential oils, from my point of view. Enter on their website: and, to benefit from better prices, you can use my ID 3965152 and my name. Marina Rasnoveanu.
  • Internally, I didn’t tolerate it very well. I succeeded to take it one month, but afterwards I had some minor gastrointestinal issues. I have two friends who also couldn’t take it because of this, so if you know yourselves more sensitive in this area, please pay attention when taking copaiba oil orally.
  • Externally, in a massage for pelvic area and lower back area I think it is the best.
  • If you do have connections in Brasil (the native country of this oil), try to purchase it from there. It is cheaper and, in my opinion, of a higher quality. Also, see if you find it that particular type of copaiba oil used in the above studis.
  • The best combination for endometriosis: copaiba + frankincense + helichrysum. More details on the resources section (6)
  • I also have one remark in this essential oils thing. In my research I found some studies and articles about the potential harmful and estrogenic effect of lavander and tea tree oil essential oils. Please, be very careful with this two. One of the studies I am talking about is in the resources section at (7).

For the moment, that’s all I wanted to tell you about copaiba oil, which, by the way, has a lot of other benefits (reduces pain, anxiety, prevents all sort of infections etc. more in the resources (8)).

I hope you find this information useful and to help you in all this journey of managing endometriosis or other similar conditions.

Marina Rasnoveanu

Do you want to read more articles about endometriosis and tips&tricks about a healthy lifestyle, follow my blog on Facebook and Instagram too.



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