EN/RO: Magnesium Glycinate – a short review for endometriosis patients

EN: I first read about “magnesium glycinate” in Lara Briden’s book, “Period Repair Manual”, a book which I highly recommend. Of course, I knew about “magnesium benefits” in general, but I think I took a different type of Mg and I wasn’t so satisfied with it. Several months ago I had a severe PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and my main symptoms were sadness/anxiety and insomnia. Actualy, I had sleep problems for a long time, no matter the time of the month. After I started taking magnesium glycinate (in a smaller dose than on the label – like 2 tablets a day – 200 mg), all these went away. Another important benefit, especially in endometriosis, is also the fact that magnesium glycinate is very effective against constipation. If you have this issue (I had it, prior, but also after my surgery, for a while), this supplement could help you a lot! The magnesium glycinate benefits do not stop here: it lowers the arterial tension, it is also useful in osteoporosis, migraines, muscle pains etc. Therefore, I highly recommend it in endometriosis. Have you tried it?

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RO: Prima data am citit despe “magneziu glicinat” in cartea Larei Briden, “Period Repair Manual”, pe care vi-o recomand cu toata increderea. Bineinteles, stiam, in mare, despre beneficiile magneziului, dar cred ca luasem o forma diferita si nu avusesem cine stie ce rezultate. Acum cateva luni aveam un sindrom premenstrual accentuat, manifestat in special prin deprimare/anxietate si insomnie. De fapt, insomnia/somnul aagitat, nu foarte profund era mai tot timpul. Dupa ce am inceput magneziu glicinat (luat intr-o doza mai mica decat ce scrie pe cutie – cam 2 comprimate pe zi – 200 mg), au trecut toate. Si deprimarea, si insomnia. Un alt efect important, mai ales in contextul endometriozei, este si faptul ca glicinatul de magneziu ajuta foarte mult tranzitul. Daca aveti problema asta (eu am avut-o atat inainte de operatie, cat si o perioada dupa), acest supliment chiar v-ar putea ajuta. Beneficiile glicinatului de magneziu nu se opresc aici: scade tensiunea arteriala, e de ajutor in osteoporoza, dureri de cap, depresie, dureri de muschi etc. Asadar, e si el in lista suplimentelor foarte bune in endometrioza. Voi l-ati incercat?

Marina Talks e si pe Facebook >> http://www.facebook.com/marinatalks


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