Recenzie de carte/Book review – Dr. Amy Myers – Solutii contra autoimunitatii

RO: Acum ceva timp am citit cartea dr. Amy Myers – Solutii contra autoimunitatii, un material despre cum sa combati bolile si simtomele inflamatorii. Asadar, o carte de ajutor si in endometrioza, mai ales ca sunt multe teorii care sustin ipoteza conform careia si aceasta este o afectiune autoimuna. (links in Resources)

E o carte foarte buna, usor de citit, pe care ar fi bine sa o cititi indiferent daca veti respecta sau nu indicatiile dr. Myers (care este doctorita la baza, nu terapeut/nutritionist/naturopat etc.). Intr-adevar, mi s-a parut un pic cam greu de tinut dieta indicata de ea (recomandata pe o anumita perioada, nu e permanenta, atentie), adica fara cereale absolut deloc, fara nuci, seminte, rosii, vinete etc.

In plus, si lista de suplimente este cam lunga, desi m-am bucurat sa constat ca foarte, foarte multe suplimente indicate de ea sunt si cele indicate in endometrioza, cred ca 75% le luam deja. Si, cu toate ca mi se pare un pic exagerata , cat timp am tinut aceasta dieta (vreo doua saptamani am rezistat), chiar am simtit ca inflamatia e la un nivel foarte scazut. In plus, cam de atunci menstruatia s-a reglat din nou la 28 de zile, iar asta se intampla deja de 3-4 luni.

Asadar, daca vreti parerea mea, cred ca e o carte si un program foarte bun pentru cei cu boli autoimune foarte grave, dar si acestia ar trebui sa o tina cu precautie si sub avizul unui medic. Pentru noi, pacientele cu endometrioza, cred ca este o carte neaparat de citit si de aplicat cand si cand, cand simtim ca lucrurile au luat-o un pic razna

De ce spun asta?

Uneori, din diverse motive, sunt haotica in alimentatie, nu mai tin la fel de bine dieta, fac combinatii alimentare gresite etc., si efectele apar in maximum 7 zile. Ma doare stomacul, ma balonez, sunt irascibila, am diverse dureri, stari de greata etc. Ei bine, cand se intampla asta, imi amintesc de programul dr. Myers si revin pentru doar cateva zile la dieta din carte (adica fara cereale – chiar si fara gluten, fara nuci, seminte, etc., asta in afara de ce stim deja ca presupune dieta contra endometriozei), iar lucrurile revin rapid la normal.

Daca aveti ocazia sa o cumparati (eu am luat-o de la Carturesti la un pret rezonabil), nu ezitati sa o faceti. Va va convinge de multe lucruri si asta pentru ca, sa nu uitam, este scrisa de un specialist, de un medic cu o vasta experienta in bolile autoimune, si aici vorbim de experienta ei, dar si a pacientilor ei.

Marina Rasnoveanu

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Book review – The Autoimmune Solution

EN: I read Dr. Amy Myers’book, “The Autoimmune Solution” a while ago. This is a material about how to manage inflammatoy diseases and symptoms. Therefore, a useful book in endometriosis too, especially there are a lot of theories that say endometrosis has a strong autoimmune componant). (links in Resources)

The Autoimmune Solution is a very good book, easy to read, which you better have in your librady and read no matter if you will going or not to follow dr. Amy Myers’ diet guidelines (do not forget here we are talking about a doctor, not a therapeut, naturopat or nutritionist). The diet/protocol she recommends is, indeed, a little bit too harsh to keep (but the protocol is only for a period of time), meaning you also should not eat grains (not even gluten free grains), nuts, seeds, tomatoes, eggplant etc.

In addition, the supplements list is also a little bit too long, but I was happy to discover many of her supplements are on “endometriosis supplements list” too. I think I already take 75% of the supplements she recommends. And, even if I find it a bit exaggerated, while I did keep this diet (probably 2 weeks), I really felt my inflammation is very low and my period started to come at 28 days and there are 3 or 4 months already that this happens.

Therefore, if you want my opinion, I really believe this is a great program for those with serious autoimmune conditions, but even these patients should follow it cautiously and under the care of a doctor. For us, the endometriosis patients, I think it’s a “must read” book and we could apply its guidelines from time to time, when we feel the things are not under control anymore.

Why am I saying this?

Sometimes, for various reasouns, I am chaotic in my eating schedule, I am not following the diet as I should, I combine the food in a wrong way etc. and the effects are here in no more than 7 days. Stomachache, bloating, anxiety, different pains, nausea – are just some of them. Well, when this happens, I remember dr. Myers’program and I am back to the book diet just for few day and then, after such a short period of time, things are back to normal.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity, buy this book and read it. It will convince you of many things and this because, I repeat myself, it is very well writtten and it it written by a doctor with a lot of experience in autoimmune diseases – experience coming from her life, but also from their patients.

Marina Rasnoveanu

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Endometriosis and co-morbidities

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