Romanian/English Version – Trei retete potrivite in “dieta pentru endometrioza” /Three “endometriosis” recipes

RO: Te gandesti mereu ca dieta asta recomandata in endometrioza este foarte restrictiva si nu o poti respecta? Atunci, inseamna ca nu ai la indeamana retetele potrivite.

Tocmai de aceea, iata cateva tips&tricks utile si 3 retete pe care sigur iti vei dori sa le incerci.

Pentru micul-dejun:


1 ardei gras rosu, nuci si 1-2 oua bio (adica de la tara, iar gainile sa nu fi fost hranite cu sprot de soia – intrebati asta daca le luati din piata).

Pentru brunch


1 ou bio (optional), crochete din linte sau ovaz (fara gluten) si ton din borcan, nu din conserva (conservele ne fac rau, aveti in resurse un link in acest sens).

Pentru pranz/cina


Mancare de conopida – cateva legume fierte in putina apa si ulei de masline (mai intai ceapa, usturoiul – atentie aici, daca nu le tolerati, omiteti-le), morcov si ardei gras. Dupa ce se inmoaie adaugati rosiile si dovlecelul. Intr-o alta oala, puneti apa la fiert si cand da in clocot adaugati buchetelele de conopida. Cand sunt gata, adaugati conopida in primul vas si mai lasati un pic pe foc. Puteti adauga si patrunjel.

Eu mananc preparatele de acest fel cu mamaliga si o salata de morcov (1 morcov, 1 lingurita ulei de masline, ½ lingurita otet de mere bio).

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EN: Three “endometriosis” recipes – healthy and also tasty

Do you think this endometriosis diet is very restrictive and you cannot keep it?

Then, it means you don’t have the right recipe ideas.

That’s why, here are some tips for you and 3 recipes that you might want to try.

One for breakast:
1 red pepper, nuts and 1-2 organic eggs – the chicken must not be fed with soy!

One for brunch:
1 organic egg (optional), outmeal/lentils gluten free croquettes and tuna from a glass jar, not a can)

One for lunch/dinner:
Cauliflower stew: several vegetables boiled in a little water and olive oil – first the onion, garlic, carrot, peppers. After they soften you can add tomatoes and zuchinni too. In another pot you put water to boil, when it reached the boiling point you add the cauliflower heads. You combine them in a pot or in the plate, adding to the stew some califlower heads. I eat it with polenta and a carrot salad (carrot, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon apple cider vingar).


– this is not a 1 day plan because of too many eggs in it.

– cans have some substances that harm us, that’s why it is better to avoid them.

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